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Want to recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays but don't know if you can? To check which plastic items can be recycled at home or to find out where your nearest

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Information about our colelction service for flats. food packaging - including margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit punnets, plastic ready meal trays.

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Another issue that plastics reprocessors face is that sometimes food waste is left on consist of more than one polymer type, which makes it more difficult to recycle. to place plastic pots, tubs and trays in their kerbside collection containers.

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Why can't plastic packaging/lids/pots and tubs be recycled? Why can't we put all our waste into one bag and then it gets separated in a factory I live in Barking & Dagenham and don't have a flats' reusable orange bag for my recycling, what can I do Plastic such as yoghurt pots, meat trays and lids etc are all made from

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Everyone in Surrey can recycle plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays at home. Find out which bin to put plastics in, or where to take it with the recycling search tool.

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The efficient collection, separation and recycling of plastic packaging film produced by .. be recycled, or because pots, tubs and trays commonly incorporate covering One authority commented that its contractor's MRF experienced difficulties in similarities between paper/card and film (i.e. thin, flat, light 2D materials).

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6 Jun 2016 Sometimes it can get a bit confusing what you can recycle, where to do it and what day of the week. Each household has one small caddy and one large caddy. Yoghurt pots, plastic punnets, plastic food trays, plastic tubs such as caddy collection service or communal recycling facilities for some flats.

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2 Feb 2007 We tracked where three readers' recycling waste ends up. They must be forced to provide packaging in 100% recyclable materials or face hefty fines cans, bottles, plastic bottles (although I put plastic food trays in and they take the next) and some people seem to be able to fill a grey one in 2 days flat!

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