AG OBT003B Blue Color ABS Plastic Bed Table Tray

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(if you are having issues with the BLUE plastic sheet shipped with the FFCP) . use nothing on the bed except the factory FF blue build sheet that comes with the machine. if your bed is 65deg for PLA or 110 for ABS your print will be secure.

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22 Apr 2014 Table Of Contents It's a popular plastic for injection molding and it's used to make legos, In order to print with ABS, you need a temperature controlled bed. Run the new color through the extruder until it runs clean and the new .. ABS and blue painter's tape don't mix well - that's likely your issue.

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7 Dec 2015 Here are 6 ways to remove 3D prints from the bed without ruining your build platform. Blue painter's tape, Kapton (a polyamide film) or straight glass print bending upwards after cooling down) when printing in ABS plastic.

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AG-OBT005 Deluxe Wooden Tilt-Top Swivel Tray Table · Jiangsu Aegean Technology NFCZ70 Gas spring control height adjustable ABS swivel bed tray table.

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16 Apr 2016 The bed material must stick to the plastic coming out of the extruder; otherwise, the partially-printed part will slide around. Then PLA and ABS are the most popular plastics for RepRaps to extrude; ABS 1 Summary Table - Does it Stick? "Blue painters tape works fine for me with my heated bed at ~70c.

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